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Our Services

CONTRACT RESEARCH  can be performed on a project basis whether it is short-term or a comprehensive development program including the establishment and expansion of intellectual property rights.
 can be applied to both new or existing processes.  A number of statistical techniques are used, including DOE and trend analysis. we can work with teams of engineers to help facilitate process analyses.
These are just some of the areas of expertise that we can provide.  Whether your company needs an objective assessment or a development plan through commercialization, please call to start a dialog on how we can help your company onto the path of success.
TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGY  Also key to success is the translation of prototypes into commercially viable products. Bringing raw material vendors on board early in the development process eases this technology transfer and results in a predictable outcome, maintaining the ever important project schedule.
RAW MATERIAL TESTING   A full compliment of raw material testing and specification develpment is available



SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT is a critical cog in any chemical process as raw materials and their quality affect the final product. Development of specifications is extremely important and should be considered early in the process development, especially if considering process control points and the subsequent process monitoring.
SUPPLIER PARTNERSHIPS strengthen continuity of quality components and also provides vital technical expertise needed to both develop new raw material technologies and troubleshoot any unforeseen process or product issues.
 can be achieved whether it's a physical plastic part or chemical entity. Our engineers can provide prototype CAD models as well as finished functional prototypes. We also can provide process and chemical (polymer) development based on the customer's specifications.
PRODUCT TESTING AND METHODS DEVELOPMENT  We have the resources available for end-product testing as well as in-process control point testing, the cornerstone on process stabilization.