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Proton Optical, LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of James A Bonafini Consultants, Inc. is developing tailored products for the GP (gas-permeable) contact lens manufacturing labs. Polymer manufacturing facility and offices are located in Building 59 at the Eastman Business Park in Rochester, NY. These facilities support a number of important commercialization objectives and provide an entrepreneurial environment for our scientists. See more information below for our current products.


Pristine.05 and Pristine.30 
Lens Polish Released October 2015

Highly effective polish for rigid gas permeable materials.  Pristine is available in two particle sizes, 0.05 micron and 0.30 micron.  Your finishing process may be great, but we would love for you to give Pristine a try!

Here's why Pristine polish is so unique and exceptional:
- Unique suspending agents prevent        clumping and settling 
- Uniform particle size
- Adjustable thickness via dilution 
- Removes fine scratches
- Works on soft materials
- Custom particle sizes and formulations
- Water soluble components
- Available in 2, 4, 8, 16 ,32 and 64 ounce bottles

TO ORDER: Call 585-270-8354 or e-mail sales@protoninnovations.com

Water Soluble Blocking Adhesive
Currently in Pre-market sampling.
 This water soluble adhesive has unique flow properties which it self-adjusting under different shear conditions. It also can be adjusted to fit the specific application. Due to its polymer composite structure, it gives added support to parts undergoing machining operations.
Here's why our adhesive is unique:
-Composite polymer for added stiffness
-Great adhesive properties to polymeric lens    materials.
-Adjusting flow properties (paste to gel)
-Water clean-up