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Proton Innovations, LLC is a polymer technology company specializing in the development and commercialization of products across a variety of medical and industrial settings.  The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of James A. Bonafini Consultants, Inc.

Proton Innovations is developing next generation technologies directed towards diverse applications such as implantable medical devices, surgical adhesives, wound dressings and catheter materials.  Located  in Rochester, NY,  Proton Innovations, LLC  is developing technology directed towards products in the medical device fields. Through its partnerships with key industrial and academic partners, Proton is well equipped to manage the development of products based on sound polymer science and the direct link to targeted applications.

Process and analytical facilities are located at the Eastman Business Park, a major New York State regional economic development center.

Expanded laboratory capabilities are currently underway and will support a number of important scale-up and commercialization objectives.


July 31, 2014 - Proton Innovations, LLC files the first US patent on its Mixed-Phase Biomaterial platform technology.  The biomaterial is targeted for long-term urinary and dialysis catheter applications where resistance to bacterial adhesion is critical. Other possible medical applications are under investigation.

Products Under Development

- Implantable polymers
- Long-term catheter polymers
- Surgical adhesives
- Bio-erodible / resorbable polyers
- Ultrasound transmission hydrogels
- Hydrogel wound dressings
- Anti-bacterial coatings
- Low Bio-fouling materials and coatings
- Oxygen and Glucose transport membranes